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What color is that?

Color is an important factor in design, whether it’s print or digital. But colors can be so subjective. After all, is your mental image of light blue exactly the same as mine? Probably not. “I want all the buttons on my site to be green.”...

The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three is a basic concept that can be applied to most concentrations of design from architecture to web design. The basic principle of the rule is based on grouping odd numbers together. The idea is that odd numbers are more memorable and...

PR Tips | How to start designing a website

How do you begin a massive web design project? To outsiders, it often seems like such a huge and subjective task that they’re simply overwhelmed. But there is a roadmap to web design, and, if you follow it closely, you’ll find that designing is really...

PR Tips | Should you use a JPG, GIF or PNG?

Everyone uses JPG, GIF and PNG files for photos and graphics. But if you're anything like me, you probably treat them indiscriminately. Well, apparently, there's a real difference. Having been recently enlightened by our web folks, I've decided to pass my newfound knowledge along. Here's a quick primer on the difference between these common file types. JPGs are best for complex graphics and photographs. JPGs use a lossy compression technique. I.e., as the file is compressed, the image loses some of its data. Exactly how much data is lost depends on the amount of compression. The JPG format isn't ideal for text-heavy pictures or simple drawings that don't have the depth to survive the lossy compression. Such images tend to lose their sharpness and clarity when converted to JPG.

PR Tips | Getting Started on a New Website

So, you need a website. We all do. But where do you start? What in the world is MySQL? For that matter, what are Name Servers, A Records, Flash, HTML, PHP, SEO, IPS, WordPress, and FTP? There is a difference between hosting and domain registration?!?! And,...

PR Tips | Hit the Refresh Button

We just redesigned our website here at Keybridge Communications after only two years. Why so soon? For us, there were several reasons. First, we recently expanded our core services to include Web Development, Graphic Design and Social Media -- and these new services needed to have their own place on our website. Second, our original website was created in Flash, and with the ever-changing technology on phones and tablets, we needed to stay up-to-date. Third, we felt that our business, clients, potential clients, and followers would benefit from a blog. So how do you know when it’s time for a website makeover? Here are a few questions to ask yourself that might help you decide: