What tailgating season teaches us about PR

What tailgating season teaches us about PR

Football season has returned! That means it’s also peak tailgating season. Here are four PR lessons to think about next time you’re cheering on your favorite team.

1. Be social
Tailgates are best with your closest friends. Similarly, having good relationships with reporters is a crucial component of a successful media campaign. Importantly, your interactions with media don’t always need to be transactional. Reporters are people too; they enjoy hearing that you read and enjoyed their latest scoop.

2. Know your limits
Too many drinks can ruin a good party — and so can too many emails. Be intentional about what you’re sending reporters to avoid spamming important industry contacts. Remember: Inundating folks with irrelevant pitches is a surefire way to ensure your emails are left unread or deleted entirely.

3. Cheer hard for every gain
Every fan hopes her team reaches the end zone. But we also know that we won’t score on every drive. Don’t fret too much if your client’s interview doesn’t always make the final story. Each interaction between you, the reporter, and your client helps cultivate a lasting professional relationship. Even small gains add up — eventually leading to points on the scoreboard.

4. Come prepared
You wouldn’t arrive to a tailgate without chili, chips, or spirited clothing. In the same vein, you shouldn’t pitch a reporter without knowing her beat, a great story, and your spokesperson’s availability.

Hut, hut, hike!

Jacy Gomez