The Key to a Successful Media Campaign — Showing Up!

The Key to a Successful Media Campaign — Showing Up!

Woody Allen once said that 80 percent of success is showing up. Thomas Edison’s famous line “Genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration” advises much the same.

The common thread? “Showing up” and making a good-faith effort are key to any successful endeavor. And that’s certainly true for any media campaign.

Reporters generally work on strict, tight deadlines. So if a reporter asks for a quote or piece of insight, the sooner a spokesperson can provide it, the better! Alternatively, if a reporter accepts a pitch, be ready to immediately provide any necessary background — and to set up an interview. News happens fast. One day spent refining talking points may be just long enough to cause the reporter to lose interest — or to be pulled in a different direction.

Being available is even more important when hits on television and radio are the goal. Producers and bookers may be looking to fill guest spots the same day. Or they may need to know whether the spokesperson is available for a future appearance in a matter of minutes or hours. Any longer, and the offer may disappear. Too many scheduling conflicts — or untimely responses — may permanently bar a spokesperson from a given show.

Finally, remember that the best hits often come at odd hours. A 6 a.m. hit may require an early wake-up call — but it also promises a large captive audience of commuters.

Combine a quality pitch with “showing up,” and that’s a media campaign that can’t be beat.

Robby Schrum