Small newspapers, big impact

Small newspapers, big impact

Op-eds published by top-tier newspapers can drive the public debate. The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times all boast eye-popping circulation figures and influential readers.

But small newspapers can pack a big punch, too. You never know when a Congressman will be reading the free weekly available outside his local diner, or when a CEO will pick up a copy of the local paper on vacation.

There are several thousand of these “community newspapers” across the country. Most do not require exclusivity. Their audiences tend to be highly engaged. They read the paper cover to cover.

Some community newspapers do not publish opinion pieces — instead, they focus on hyper-local news. So be prepared to create an exclusion list of community papers that aren’t the right fit for your op-eds.

We’ve seen the impact that small newspapers can have firsthand. Several years ago, the Wenatchee World published an op-ed we pitched them. The local Congressman took notice — and used a “Dear Colleague” letter to share the piece with his fellow lawmakers.

So don’t forget to include community newspapers within your media placement strategy. You just may end up reaching your target audience.

Robby Schrum