PR image rebuilding: Does Hillary need it?

PR image rebuilding: Does Hillary need it?

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is officially underway, which isn’t a surprise to most of the public. But how do voters feel about her? Is she seen mostly as Bill Clinton’s wife, or someone who paved her own way?

More pointedly, how hard does her PR team have to work on her image?

Many would say that Hillary has taken the steps and held the necessary positions to make her a well-qualified candidate. After all, she’s a former senator and Secretary of State who’s had an impressive academic career, led major policy initiatives, and authored books.

But since Bill’s impeachment in 1998, the Clinton name has often come with controversy. Back then, Americans debated whether Hillary was strong to stand by her husband or weak for “tolerating” his infidelity.

And so far in 2015, she’s been accused of lacking transparency, whether it’s concerned her use of State Department email or the money the Clinton Foundation has accepted over the years. Her PR team has been busy in the months leading up to her announcement, to say the least.

If you were a member of that team, what advice would you give her?

Laura Scharfeld