Incite excitement, you must

Incite excitement, you must

Thousands of fans are flocking to theaters to see the new Star Wars episode. The film is projected to break box office records — potentially earning a whopping $3 billion globally.

Clearly, this franchise has withstood the test of time. After all, the first Star Wars movie came out nearly four decades ago, and the most recent of the original six episodes came out 10 years ago. Yet fans are still more excited than ever to see the next Star Wars creation.

So how can writers generate the same kind of hype? Simple: They should take a cue from Star Wars.

Consider the lightsaber — perhaps the most iconic symbol of the Star Wars movies. When the weapon was first unveiled, fans were wowed. The lightsaber was unique. It had flare. And it demanded attention.

So should your writing. Powerful writing says something different about the world. It challenges people to break away from preconceived views and consider new perspectives. When we suddenly see the world differently, we’re often inspired to take action.

Or take Yoda. While it may not be best to adopt his grammar, the character is beloved for his decisive wisdom. Fans hang onto Yoda’s words because he conveys confidence and insight in every sentence.

Good writers should do the same. Arguments should be clear and decisive, and hopefully pass along some useful knowledge.

Or consider the Wookiees.

If you don’t want to sound like a Wookiee, then use clear and precise language throughout your writing.

Take a note from Star Wars, and do well, you will.

Carolyn Clendenin