Author: Carolyn Clendenin

How to Unblock Writer’s Block

Every writer faces a nasty case of writer's block at one point or another. (If you don't, congrats -- you're a wizard!) But regardless, that press release, blog post, or speech still needs to get done. Here are some tips for breaking down the block. 1)...

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The secret to persuasion

How do you persuade people to take action? Simple. Find out what motivates them. Imagine, for example, that you're trying to encourage a friend to get a pet dog. How should you make your case? Should you cite statistics showing that a dog can make...

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Incite excitement, you must

Thousands of fans are flocking to theaters to see the new Star Wars episode. The film is projected to break box office records -- potentially earning a whopping $3 billion globally. Clearly, this franchise has withstood the test of time. After all, the first Star Wars movie...

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