#FIJIWaterGirl Does Her Thing

#FIJIWaterGirl Does Her Thing

I didn’t have to watch the Golden Globes earlier this month to notice the #FIJIwatergirl. Don’t know the FIJI Water Girl? Well, while celebs struck a pose on the red carpet that night, a model named Kelleth Cuthbert waltzed around, strategically positioning herself and her tray of FIJI water in the camera’s view whenever possible.

Cuthbert’s sly, knowing gaze at the camera quickly caught the public’s attention, with photos and the hashtag trending on social media almost immediately. FIJI, who sponsored the event, was very pleased with Cuthbert’s instinct, and the PR stunt quickly became a story.

Some folks on social media did not appreciate what they thought was an “obvious” stunt, and actress Jamie Lee Curtis did not hold back from saying she was bothered when Cuthbert photobombed her.

Nonetheless, the “stunt” — and Cutherbert– did its job marvelously! According to Spy News, marketing analytics firm Apex Marketing Group told Yahoo Finance the viral story was worth about $16.77 million in advertising for FIJI.

Not only did FIJI benefit from the PR move, but it’s reported that Cuthbert has recently accepted a role on the soap opera, The Bold and The Beautiful. You go, #FIJIwatergirl!

Laura Scharfeld