Boosting morale with Bonus.ly

Boosting morale with Bonus.ly

The pandemic has forced our company to go entirely remote. So now all of our employees are scattered across the country, working out of make-shift home offices.

One of the biggest challenges in this new remote environment has been preserving our company’s culture — and, more specifically, staying connected. To that end, we’ve been using a service called Bonus.ly that has been helpful in meeting this challenge.

Bonus.ly allows any employee at our company to provide positive internal feedback to a colleague. Each employee receives 100 KBCdos (approximately $10) per month. And we use those KBCdos to micro-bonus our colleagues on a daily basis.

The KBCdos that are bonused out can then be redeemed for small things like Starbucks coffees — or they can be donated to a broad array of charities.

At a time when we’re all physically separated, Bonus.ly helps us stay connected while boosting morale through a constant stream of positive, uplifting feedback.

Sam Ryan