Use Gmail’s new features to keep your inbox clean

Use Gmail’s new features to keep your inbox clean

Here at Keybridge, we put emphasis on keeping your inbox clean, and even striving for the holy grail of “Inbox Zero”. One of the challenges with email management is making sure tasks don’t fall through the cracks, while keeping your inbox clutter free. Google has recently unveiled some new tools that can help with this in Gmail.

Gmail Snooze 
As the name implies, this function will let you “snooze” any message so it’s hidden from your inbox and comes back at the time and date you specify. All you need to do is hit the “snooze” icon, then choose the date and time that you want this to show back up in your inbox.

As an example, I frequently use Gmail snooze for proposal follow-ups. I’ll send a proposal, and let the prospect know that I’ll follow-up with them in a week if I don’t hear from them sooner. I’ll snooze the message for a week — and 7 days later, the snoozed message magically shows up at the top of my inbox. I’m then reminded to send a timely follow-up as promised.

Schedule Send
This feature allows you to write a message now, and set it to send some time in the future. This can be used if you need to send a press release out at a specific time, but you know you’ll be tied up in a meeting.

Or, this can also be used as a quick “note to self”. You may be watching TV at home, and think of a great idea for a new work project. You can just write yourself a quick email, and set it to “Schedule Send” for the next morning when you’re in the office and can implement your fantastic new idea.

To use this, you’ll just need to hit the arrow on the Send button, and choose “Schedule Send”.

From there you can choose the time that you want to send. Once you schedule an email, it will be in your drafts folder, so you can always edit it (or cancel sending) as needed before it goes out.

These are just two of Google’s many helpful tools included with Gmail. If you’ve ever considered moving your company over to Gmail / Google Apps / G-Suite, don’t hesitate to reach out to Keybridge. We’re always here to help.


Mike McElhaney