Migrate your Microsoft Access database online

Migrate your Microsoft Access database online

Does your business use Microsoft Access to store critical information and streamline company processes? Odds are, your MS Access database was built several years ago — before the workforce (and our lives) became more mobile-focused. Many companies are desperate to migrate their MS Access database online, but they simply don’t know how. Well, we’ve discovered a neat way to do this. We’ve been using a really easy and flexible tool — Knack — that allows you to recreate your Access database in the cloud.

Full disclosure: I love MS Access. I’ve been developing on it for 15 years, and have used it to help businesses of all sizes. That said, the fact is that MS Access just does not play well in the cloud, and many businesses need their employees and managers to have data at their fingertips without having to log into their work computer remotely to access it.

With Knack, we get the flexibility to custom create our own online database without the burden of having to code it from scratch. Knack really is the closest thing to “MS Access for the Web” that I’ve seen. To top it off, it’s completely mobile-friendly, so your employees can easily access the databases from the road.

So, whether you want to get that legacy database online, or are looking to create a new online database from scratch, we highly recommend looking into Knack. And if you’re looking for an expert to get your online database application up and running, drop us a line. Ask for Mike. I’d be happy to help!

Mike McElhaney