Integrate DocuSign With Your Website

Integrate DocuSign With Your Website

My previous employer had a steadfast rule that all contracts must be signed in ink. Electronic signatures were simply unacceptable. That was 15 years ago, and, my, how things have changed. Today, at our company, all of our contracts are signed electronically. And the process is so much more efficient and secure.

With the pandemic, the trend toward using electronic signatures has skyrocketed. So we’re now helping many clients integrate electronic contract capability directly into their websites.

Recently, one of our clients asked us to integrate its WordPress website with DocuSign, the market leader in the electronic-signature space. At the time, our client’s process of delivering contracts to its customers was highly labor intensive. First, a customer had to fill out a form on the client’s website. Then the client’s admin staff had to copy and paste that customer’s information into a DocuSign contract. And finally, the staff had to manually send the contract to the customer.

We automated this entire process for our client. Now, when a customer submits a form through the client’s website, a DocuSign contract is automatically generated and emailed to the customer for signature. Our client doesn’t lift a finger. We accomplished this by using Gravity Forms, Zapier, Formstack (WebMerge), and DocuSign.

Our client now receives signed contracts from new customers without any administrative hassle, which saves a ton of money. Meanwhile, customers benefit from a more professional and speedy transaction.

If you’d like to know more, or have Keybridge set up DocuSign functionality for your website, please reach out to me at mike@kbc.us.

Mike McElhaney