How to write like the most interesting man in the world

How to write like the most interesting man in the world

Sharks have a week dedicated to him. He can speak French . . . in Russian. He lives vicariously . . . through himself.

He, of course, is the “Most Interesting Man in the World.” Although the star of Dos Equis beer commercials is sadly fictional, he can still teach us how to keep readers thirsty for our writing.

1) Ledes Must Be Interesting

If we want readers to spend more than 15 seconds — the average page view duration — on our article, we need to grab their interest. To do so, we must write a supremely catchy lede — whether it incorporates a hard news peg, an interesting hypothetical, or even an outlandish statement.

The goal of the first few sentences in an op-ed or blog post isn’t to convey our entire argument. It’s to introduce the topic in an engaging way that makes readers want to dive deeper.

2) Deliver Great Punch Lines

Vary up sentence structure. Nobody wants to read a solid block of text.

Sharp punch lines keep readers entertained and succinctly deliver the message.

3) Stay on Script

‘Most Interesting Man’ commercials may seem hilariously absurd and unstructured. But in reality, each one delivers a subtle yet powerful message: “This is the most interesting man in the world! You can be just like him — if you start drinking Dos Equis.”

In just 30 seconds, each commercial grabs the audience’s attention, enthralls them with witty punchlines, and offers up a clear argument.

If we copy these strategies in our writing, readers will hang on every word — even the prepositions.


Colin Valentine