How to get press at your virtual event

How to get press at your virtual event

Organizations often crave media attention at their event or conference, where they release big industry reports or announce breaking industry news. So it’s essential reporters have a compelling reason to cover the event.

But with hotel ballrooms and convention centers shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, organizations may fear a virtual event may not have the same gravitas to garner press as an in-person conference with all the bells and whistles.

But don’t fret. If you’re planning a virtual event, here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure the media outlets you care about will tune in.

1. Stick to the story

Whether in-person or online, reporters will go to events where they can get a good story. In your pitches to media, explain how the event will give reporters new information they can use for upcoming stories. If you’re breaking news, give them a preview.

2. Make logistics seamless

Don’t forget to give media attendees all the essentials — date, time, and most importantly, the URL link to the event. If media get to attend for free, but others pay, make sure they won’t get a surprise bill. Send reminders a few days before and the morning of the event, with the link included.

3. They’re stuck at home too

Here’s the silver lining of virtual events: Reporters that didn’t have the budgets to travel to conferences before can easily “travel” to a web-conference from the comfort of their kitchen tables. They can’t report in the field, so they’re looking for ways to engage.

If you provide a compelling story and make it easy for them to join, reporters will jump at the chance to attend a virtual event while they work from home — even if there isn’t free food.

Micah Ezekiel