Employee Spotlight: Colin Valentine

Employee Spotlight: Colin Valentine

This week, we’re shining our blog spotlight on Colin Valentine, who is a director at Keybridge. When he’s not hunting and fishing, Colin oversees all things writing and editing for the company.

Name and title:
Colin Valentine, Director

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into public relations?
PR is a really wide-ranging field! Product placement PR is practically a different universe than earned media, which is substantially different from op-eds and blogs. Figure out what skills and experiences you want to gain (e.g. you want to influence public policy debates, you want to help promote a product or service, etc) and apply accordingly.

What’s the best movie of all time?
The Godfather. It’s the perfect movie and it highlights the importance of family.

What is your favorite tv show?
The Sopranos. Arguably the best-acted show ever.

What are you listening to?
Florida Georgia Line (they’re catchy, and I freely admit that I like trashy pop-country music).

Do you have a team?
Philadelphia Eagles (grew up watching them and I think I’d be disowned if I rooted for anyone else).

Laura Bentley