Your writing deserves a second opinion

Your writing deserves a second opinion

Ever stare at your writing for so long that you start to forget what some of the words mean?

Yeah, us too.

At that point, it should be pretty clear that you could use a second set of eyes. But that’s far from the only time in the writing process that another perspective can be helpful.

In fact, virtually any piece of writing — at any point in the writing process — can benefit from a second opinion.

Trying to think of a good hook for your pitch? Bounce some ideas off a coworker. Want to sharpen a thesis? Send it to a friend from school. Need help spicing up your prose? Heck, let your mom take a look.

Obvious though this may be, the fact of the matter is that few people actually do it. We’re often taught that writing is a solitary process — meant to be done alone in a dorm room or a cubicle. And, after working on a piece for several hours straight, it can certainly be tempting to just check it off your to-do list without getting a second look.

But resist that urge. Having another pair of eyes can be the difference between a good piece and a great one.

So the next time you’re working on something, make sure you let someone else take a look. After all, it’s your writing. Doesn’t it deserve a second opinion?


Spencer Caton