Working together, apart

Working together, apart

When COVID shut down DC, Keybridge employees scattered to our safe spaces. Some of us stayed put while others left for the green spaces and open economies in our hometowns. So while we’ve been spread out from Connecticut to Idaho, we’ve found at least one way to keep a sense of camaraderie.

Every morning since day one of quarantine we’ve had what we refer to as our daily huddle. We grab our coffee and dial in to see each other’s smiling faces — and long beards, blue light blocking glasses, sweaty gym clothes, you name it. These days, it’s come as you are! And in case you’re wondering, no, no one has accidentally taken their computer to the bathroom. Yet.

We have daily prompts, which give us something to talk and laugh about. So far we’ve compiled amazing lists of favorite books, movies, and songs and even shared baby photos and embarrassing college clothing trends. Even when some of us are unenthusiastically slugging through the call, someone is bound to have a hilarious answer that makes everyone perk up.

Technology has been accused of making people more withdrawn but, for us, it’s been an important part of making us feel connected and together.

Laura Scharfeld