Use it or lose it!

Use it or lose it!

It is common knowledge that including a blog on your company website can keep your content fresh and help generate traffic.  However, a stale, unused blog can have the opposite effect.

Recently, I was researching company websites to assist a client with a complex software migration. I came across a company that seemed like a promising match. Then I looked at their blog and the last post was from 2011. I was immediately leery of the credibility of the company, and ended up leaving the site. Don’t let this happen to you! Keep your blog active and current.

The good news is that regular blogging doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. Have a plan of action for keeping your blog current. This can include distributing blog writing responsibilities to multiple team members, breaking up long articles into a series of posts, and soliciting guest posts from experts in your industry.

Add new blog posts once or twice per week; once per month is the bare minimum.  Each company’s exact formula will be a little different, but keeping your blog relevant should be a priority. If you simply don’t have time to keep your blog up-to-date, then I’d suggest removing it from your website entirely.

Mike McElhaney