Tweeting your way to the top

Tweeting your way to the top

As popular as Twitter is today, the social media giant is a graveyard of inactive profiles. But Twitter can be a powerful tool to build your network, especially when making completely new connections.

The key is to treat Twitter as more than a newsfeed, but also a community — and here’s how to engage in it!

1. Follow other people — the number one trick in the book. If you follow someone who tweets about the same things you do, they may just follow you back! You can search for users by relevant hashtags or bios.
2. Post on a regular basis. A steady flow of content boosts your visibility and keeps your followers engaged. You can also use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule your posts ahead of time. And don’t forget to set up tweets for the weekend — Twitter engagement for brands is 17 percent higher during those times.
3. Engage with followers who like or repost your tweets. A quick ‘thank you!’ tweet will go a long way.
4. Use hashtags and images. Tweets with either get twice the engagement of those without. And handy software like RiteTag gives you trending hashtags to boost a tweet’s visibility.
5. Drop handles when appropriate. While you don’t want to spam everyone, you can reach out to big-name users who might retweet you.

Most of all, remember to help others. Twitter isn’t just about posting your own content. Retweet your followers’ posts and share helpful articles. As with real-life networking, if you help others, they’ll help you.

Miriam Cho