Terroirist Wins Best Overall Wine Blog of 2013

Terroirist Wins Best Overall Wine Blog of 2013

In November 2010, our COO David White launched his own personal wine blog — Terroirist.com.

The following year, Dave’s blog won Best New Wine Blog from the prestigious Wine Blog Awards.

Then in 2012, Terrorist was a finalist for the Best Overall Wine Blog.

This past weekend, on June 8, Terroirist won Best Overall Wine Blog of 2013. The award was presented live at the 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference in British Columbia.

The Wine Blog Awards are the leading means of identifying excellence in wine blogging. According the site, “wine blogs are nominated for awards by the general public and the top finalists for each awards category are selected by a panel of judges. Awards are given based on a combination of the judges’ opinions and a public vote.”

Congratulations to David for creating one of the most popular wine blogs in the world in just three years — and for getting the recognition that he deserves.

Sam Ryan