Save time and keystrokes every day

Save time and keystrokes every day

There is no way around it — most of us spend a considerable amount of time typing on our computers each day. So I was pleased to find a tool that helps me save time every day while typing.

Breevy is a text expander for Windows that allows you to create abbreviations for long words or phrases. For example, I set up a shortcut so anytime I type addr then hit the ctrl key, it automatically types in my entire address. It works on any Windows application (internet, email, Word, notepad, etc.) and lets you use Dropbox to sync across devices. So if I create a shortcut on my work PC, it will automatically sync to my home PC.

One of the keys to letting Breevy save you time is to identify what strings of words or phrases you type over and over. It may be as basic as your setting shortcuts for your email address, or it can be used for boilerplate emails. As a website developer, clients frequently ask me, “What are my options for ongoing maintenance after my site goes live?” I can quickly type maint (then ctrl) and it will automatically type out our maintenance plan options with bulleted highlights of each.

Here are a few examples of other abbreviations that I use. Obviously, yours would change based on the tasks that you do day to day.

conf — our conference call number and pin.
hour — a list of our current hourly rates
wwwx – a list of websites examples Keybridge has completed recently.
capfaa – Connecticut Association of Professional Financial Aid Administrators (one of our clients with a particularly long name).

Breevy is currently priced at $34.95, as a one time purchase, and it is not available for Mac. It does sync with TextExpander, a popular application for Mac with very similar functionality, so if you use both Macs and Windows, this tool can be really handy.

Overall, I’m really happy with this Breevy. It’s a great tool that consistently saves me time every day. Feel free to check it out in more detail here — http://www.16software.com/breevy/

Mike McElhaney