Sam Ryan: CEO and Luthier

Sam Ryan: CEO and Luthier

From the outside, Keybridge Communications looks like your typical, charming, brick walk-up in Georgetown, DC. But what few know is that two stories down, in the unfinished basement of our building, lies the rustic workshop of our CEO, Sam Ryan.

No, it’s not a writing cave. That magic happens upstairs. It’s a specialized carpentry workshop where Sam painstakingly assembles guitars from scratch — dreadnought steel-string acoustic guitars, to be precise. A hobby that requires patience and precision, guitar-building is a skill he has worked on for over 10 years.

Sam not only builds musical instruments, but is known to play and sing, as well. Some day, when the office can gather again safely, we will be sure to put these talents to the test with a coffee break concert!

Laura Bentley