Put the Social Back in Social Media

Put the Social Back in Social Media

Want to maximize your social media presence? You should start by making sure that your social media is, in fact, social.

Lots of people fall into the trap of anti-social media — generating content on platforms like Facebook and Twitter without actually interacting with other people. It’s a common error, but one that’s easily avoidable.

Here are three simple ways to keep your social media campaigns social:

1. Tag other people in your posts. If you post a story, tag the author. If you post an opinion, tag a reporter who writes on the topic. At worst, they don’t acknowledge you. At best, they retweet or respond to you and suddenly all of their followers see your content and follow you.

2. Use hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to get your content out to new audiences. But don’t just guess what hashtags to use in your post. Search hashtags to see which ones are the most popular and use them. Also, keep an eye on the trending hashtags and don’t be afraid to join in the conversation.

3. Follow people. One of the easiest ways to increase your following is to follow other people. Don’t just follow anyone, though. Look for people who are discussing similar issues or have the type of followers you would like to have. Curate a solid foundation of followers and your following will grow very quickly from there.

Spencer Caton