PR Tools for the New Year

PR Tools for the New Year

At Keybridge, our New Year’s resolution is to be even more effective at PR than we were last year. Here are some critical tools we’re using to help make that happen.

Grammarly – A no-brainer for writers. We’d like to think we don’t rely on this too much, but it’s a good safety net. It applies to pretty much anything you write and catches everything from weak sentences to dangling modifiers to typos.

Evernote – This software helps with all the research we’re constantly compiling. We can tag and stack notes and add comments — a great organizer.

Hootsuite – This is important for social media managers, who can view several platforms — such as Twitter and Facebook — at once in an easy to read layout. You can also post to all platforms simultaneously, tailor messages for individual platforms, and schedule them out for the future.

LinkedIn – This is a great way to verify that we’re pitching the right editor or reporter. Sometimes Cision’s media contact database is out of date, and LinkedIn is the best way to figure out whom to pitch. LinkedIn is also useful for business development. It can confirm a person’s job title, geographic location, and company — ensuring that you’re pitching the correct person. And if we can’t find an email address, we can pitch directly through LinkedIn.

Twitter – Like LinkedIn, this is a great way to find more information about a reporter. Plus, if we can’t find a journalist’s email, we can pitch directly through Twitter.

If you don’t already utilize these, give them a try. Here’s to an even more effective 2018!

Laura Scharfeld