PR Tips | When To Use Infographics

PR Tips | When To Use Infographics

According to Wikipedia, infographics are “visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.”

When information is presented well visually, it can have more staying power than text alone. It can also be easier and faster to digest. Good infographics create emotional appeal and make persuasive arguments by conveying a lot of information in less space than text alone would require. Finally, infographics can be easily shared, tweeted, posted on websites, etc. It’s no surprise that they often go viral.

So how do we know when an infographic is the best way to make a point?

1. Is there compelling data?
2. Is that data reliably sourced?
3. Does the data tell a story or make a persuasive case?
4. Will the graphic spark a conversation, capturing people’s attention?
5. Does our target audience respond to infographics?

When used effectively, infographics are a powerful way to influence your audience. Just be sure to demand good content and, of course, great design.

Alyssa Peck