PR Tips | What’s up with Google+ authorship images?

PR Tips | What’s up with Google+ authorship images?

Google recently announced that it no longer will show Google+ authorship images in its main search results. This was a real setback for many web development firms, digital marketers, and website owners in general. There were a lot of folks who (at the suggestion of Google) set up Google+ accounts for the specific purpose of getting images on the Google search results. Now Google has taken that feature away.

Hubspot did a great write-up of the technical ramifications of this policy change here.

Although this change has upset many users, it sheds light on the importance of diversification when it comes to digital marketing. When promoting and driving traffic to your website, it is imperative not to rely too heavily on one company or piece of technology. Experiment with different technology options such as social media, organic search engine optimization, paid ads, direct emails, and opt-in forms.  As Google’s announcement reinforces, a multi-pronged approach to SEO and marketing is always preferable.

Mike McElhaney