PR Tips | The Process of Creating a Logo

PR Tips | The Process of Creating a Logo

Creating a logo — or any unique design — might seem like a daunting task of open-ended creativity. But here at Keybridge, we’ve developed a step-by-step process that makes design projects manageable and fun. In short, our process ensures that clients are happy with the final product because their preferences are incorporated into the design at each step along the way.

Kim Brodie, Founder & CEO of Educational Digital Solutions, was kind enough to let us use her logo to demonstrate how our process works.

We don’t just create logos from thin air. First, we ask the client a series of questions to get an idea of what he or she wants: What should the logo say about your company? What feelings or emotions should it convey? Do you have a symbol or font style in mind? Do you have color preferences or aversions? Etc.

We then develop multiple black-and-white sketches that meet the client’s specifications. The client chooses 2-4 logos before we move on to the next stage.

Sample Logo Process - Stage 1

Next, we develop a brand new batch of logos that incorporate various elements — as well as any client feedback — from the best ideas of Stage 1. This can include adjusting text and symbol alignment, swapping fonts, or combining two of the original ideas into a brand new sketch.

Sample Logo Process - Stage 2

Now we help the client choose the right font and alignment — and begin refining the details. In the photo below, you can see how the basic logo is starting to come into focus.


Once the final font and symbol have been chosen, we make very small adjustments to arrive at the final design.

Sample Logo Process - Stage 4

Once the logo is finalized, we start working on colors. We help the client choose the right color combination by providing a sheet of options that typically contain 3 colors in each set: 1 focus color, 1 complement color, and 1 accent color.


After reviewing the color options, experimenting with a few different combinations, and applying them to the logo in various ways, the client chooses the final winner. And voilà!

Sample Logo Process - Final

Alyssa Peck