PR Tips | Pitching Magic

PR Tips | Pitching Magic

When you’re submitting op-eds and news stories to the media, why do some pieces run in top publications, while others slip through the cracks?

Well, it’s all in the pitch.

So what are the keys to a “winning” pitch. And how do you make your story stand out in the crowd? Here are three tips:

1. Give the editor something that’s timely. Just because something was news three months ago doesn’t mean it’s relevant today.  Peg your piece to something that’s in the news right now.

2. Keep your pitch short and sweet. Most editors don’t have 20 minutes to read a 1,000-word pitch letter from a complete stranger. 2-4 paragraphs is all you need.

3. Don’t give up — and make sure to follow up regularly. The trick is to master the art of being persistent without being a pest.

Best of luck, and happy pitching!

Kristen Thomaselli