PR Tips | Op-eds: The perfect meeting collateral

PR Tips | Op-eds: The perfect meeting collateral

Congratulations! Your op-ed was published in today’s Gotham Daily Planet. Now what?

An op-ed’s impact doesn’t have to end the day after it’s published. In fact, you can make an op-ed hit a component of your standard sales pitch — whether you’re selling products or ideas.

An op-ed hit establishes your credentials as an expert. So put that newspaper validation to work!

Say that your firm makes wireless heart monitors. Including in your sales packet a reprint of your op-ed on how to best fight heart disease can show a potential client that you’re actively participating in the national conversation on cardiac care — and lend additional credibility to your pitch.

The same is true if you’re trying to influence public policy. Whether you’re lobbying a city councilman for more affordable housing in your community or pushing a Congressman to reduce federal gas taxes, a slick reprint of your op-ed piece can continue to make your case well after your meeting has ended.

Op-eds can be highly effective marketing materials for your business or ideas. So don’t let your byline go to waste — make it part of your sales strategy!

Robby Schrum