PR Tips | How to Market a Children’s Book

PR Tips | How to Market a Children’s Book

I recently published a children’s book called “Luna Luna.” It’s available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also buy it through your Kindle or iPad.

A lot of people have asked me how I’m going to promote this book, so I thought I’d share my simple marketing plan. I intend to complete all of these tasks within three months, and spend less than an hour-a-day on this project.

With any luck, “Luna Luna” will become a bestselling children’s book. My fingers are crossed. Feel free to use my plan for your own marketing efforts. And if you think of ways to improve my plan, I’d love to hear your suggestions.


– Enlist 20 friends to write reviews on Amazon
– Write all pitches, queries, and news releases
– Build lists & pitch the following:
– Children’s book reviewers
– Family reporters, editors, and newswires
– Mommy/parent blogs
– Mommy LISTSERVs & community groups
– Mommy/family/children/parenting trade magazines
– Children’s lit journals
– Send hard copies to the following:
– School libraries (top 300)
– Boutique children’s book stores (top 300)
– Identify top 200 Barnes & Noble retail stores
– Order copies to ensure book is stocked
– Schedule signings and readings at 25-50 stores
– Identify awards and contests for best children’s book
– Submit 10-30 applications

Sam Ryan