PR lessons from south of the border

PR lessons from south of the border

Last week I had the opportunity to go to a local PRSA event and meet Matt Prince, the social and newsroom director for Taco Bell. When memories of my chicken Gordita Supreme routine came rushing back, I knew I couldn’t miss it. And I knew hearing from someone at a brand as big as Taco Bell would be a meaningful experience, of course.

Along with TB t-shirts and gift cards, Prince had a lot of good stories and tidbits to share about his career journey. Here are three that really stuck with me.

Ask yourself, “Does it scream your brand?” Prince said that whenever he’s considering a plan, advertisement, tweet, or whatever it may be, he asks himself: What would happen if there were no logo or brand name attached? Would people still know it came from Taco Bell? If the answer is no, he throws the idea out. This method really hones the brand. Are you using a unified strategy that consumers will recognize anywhere?

Fail fast. Another thing the Taco Bell team embraces is the concept of “failing fast.” Try new things. You’ll probably find out quickly if it’s not going to work as planned. And that’s okay. You don’t often learn from successes; you learn from mistakes. To make big strides, you need to be willing to fail — and to try things outside the, err, taco.

The most important client you’ll ever have in your entire career is yourself. When you switch companies and roles, no matter where you go, you are the only client that will always stay with you. Don’t forget to promote yourself and establish your own strong, personal brand. It’s the most important PR you’ll ever do.

Live Mas!

Laura Scharfeld