Pick up the phone

Pick up the phone

In today’s text and email heavy world, many PR professionals might be wary to call an editor or reporter.

Don’t be.

Phone calls are a great way to seal the deal on a story idea or op-ed. You can provide reporters or editors with more details and convince them of the timeliness of your pitch. If your email went to spam, a phone call is a quick way to solve that problem.

Still nervous about using a phone to speak to someone? Here are a few tips:

First, introduce yourself. Sure, reporters and editors have caller ID. But that doesn’t tell them why you’re calling.

Second, ask if now is a good time to talk. Many reporters and editors are on deadline. The last thing they want is a five-minute monologue about something they’re not interested in. If a reporter says she’s on deadline, politely ask when you can call back — and then get off the phone.

Third, be succinct. Make your case quickly. Then, ask a direct question. “Do you think you could run this piece?” “Are you interested in interviewing this CEO?” A good question will get you an answer.

Finally, be friendly and, above all, polite.

Katie Behrman