Night Owls in the Blue Light

Night Owls in the Blue Light

Zillions of heavily-researched, peer-reviewed studies warn us to limit our screen time before bed. This post is for those of us who choose to ignore that advice.

The reality is that I’m a night owl. After the rest of my family goes to sleep, I get on the computer to catch up on work, take care of personal finances, or check out the latest Tiny Desk Concert. Unfortunately, digital screens are not designed for late night use and the “blue light” they give off can be harsh on our eyes.

I recently started using f.lux software, and it’s dramatically reduced the strain on my vision. F.lux automatically adjusts out the harsh blue light of my screen based on the time of day. It’s a simple, free, “set it and forget it” application, and I highly recommend it for those folks who find themselves in front of a computer after dark.

Mike McElhaney