How to Make the Perfect Gingerbread House (and Press Release)

How to Make the Perfect Gingerbread House (and Press Release)

Every year during the holidays, my sister and I make a gingerbread house. And every year, the process takes many grueling hours of patience and labor — all to make a tiny four-wall structure.

But in the end, it’s always worth it. Surprisingly, it’s actually pretty similar to writing a press release.

First, you build a strong foundation. Baking gingerbread and frosting that will hold, and putting them in the right spot, is a tricky endeavor.

That’s just like crafting a press release. Before you get started, you need to make sure that your overall message and basic facts are sound. Otherwise, the piece will fall apart.

Next, you have to be precise. It’s critical that all the edges of the walls and roof line up — or the house will become weak and could collapse.

The same goes for press releases. Any cracks in the facts will show. And you don’t want readers to walk away from your press release with that one lingering error in their minds.

Finally, it’s time to clean it up. Wipe away any excess icing. Remove any gum drops that don’t fit with the rest. Leave your gingerbread house looking pristine.

Press releases require cleanup too. Strip away extra rhetoric. Make sure every word counts. 

Okay, writing a media pitch isn’t quite as much fun as building a gingerbread house. But it’ll be a jolly-good press release!

Carolyn Clendenin