It’s copy editing time

It’s copy editing time

Our entire company went to Six Flags America yesterday. Check out our photos on the culture page. Anyway, one of the rides was called The Wild One, a wooden roller coaster originally built in 1917. It was terrifying, not because it was particularly steep or fast, but because it looked like it hadn’t been inspected in the past 101 years.

I was pondering this as I spotted a sign for a different ride that read, “Its Cajun Time.” You can see from the above photo that the apostrophe — which was missing from the word it’s — had been mistakenly placed over the letter J.

I’m sure — or at least I hope — that Six Flags inspects its rides more carefully than its signs. But it did make me think about copy editing and, more importantly, quality control in all things, especially roller coasters.

Sam Ryan