Is your spokesperson prepared?

Is your spokesperson prepared?

You’ve just landed an interview for your client with a big-name publication — now you can pat yourself on the back and let the spokesperson take it away, right?


Your job isn’t just to set up the interview; it’s also to make sure it goes well. Take initiative and prepare your spokesperson by taking the following steps.

First, inform your spokesperson with information about the reporter and story idea. To be fully prepared for the reporter’s questions, your spokesperson should be familiar with the reporter’s previous articles. And it never hurts to ask the reporter for any specific angles in advance.

Second, make sure your spokesperson has a list of talking points. A good spokesperson should come into an interview already knowing what key points to hit. You can help by anticipating the questions the reporter will ask and drafting potential responses.

Finally, if it’s a broadcast or radio interview, prep your spokesperson for the technical aspects. For example, some studios will request a pre-interview to double-check the quality of sound and video. If they don’t, ask if they’d like to have one, especially if it’s a call-in or Skype interview.

Don’t leave your spokesperson hanging — the right preparation goes a long way.

Miriam Cho