Is your new website hurting your SEO?

Is your new website hurting your SEO?

Re-building your company’s website can be exciting and rewarding — particularly if it has been a while since your last website refresh. You get to take advantage of the latest tools in web development, and end up with a stunning modern site to promote your business. However, if the new site deployment isn’t properly planned out, there is a risk of losing Google search placement (SEO) as a result of the new site.

Many new websites include more user-friendly URL’s, which is generally a good thing. For example, the “About” page on your old site might be On your new site, the URL might be updated to

Where the trouble can surface is that Google has been indexing that old URL for the past several years, and therefore that old URL has built up a good reputation in Google. When Google sees the new URL , by default it will treat it as a new page, and the old URL will turn into a dead link.

The good news is that there are straightforward methods to prevent this from happening, but they require some back-end site modifications prior to the new site going live. So, whether you work with an outside web firm, or are rebuilding in-house, it is important to ask if an SEO conversion strategy is being implemented as part of the website redesign.


Mike McElhaney