Are we experts in all subjects?

Are we experts in all subjects?

On a daily basis, we write across a range of subjects, from healthcare to defense to fashion. Are we experts in all these areas?

Of course not.

So how can we write persuasively about such varied topics?

It’s simple. Our role at Keybridge isn’t to be subject experts in every field. It’s to articulate our clients’ messages in a way that resonates with the media and puts our clients in the optimal light. We work closely with clients to understand their issues to the extent necessary to develop an effective messaging strategy.

The critical distinction is that our clients are experts in their respective subject areas, while we’re experts in public relations. By targeting a specific audience with a well-tailored message — rooted in a client’s deep subject knowledge — we’re able to secure media placements that clients wouldn’t necessarily be able to achieve on their own.

Colin Valentine