How to Unblock Writer’s Block

How to Unblock Writer’s Block

Every writer faces a nasty case of writer’s block at one point or another. (If you don’t, congrats — you’re a wizard!) But regardless, that press release, blog post, or speech still needs to get done. Here are some tips for breaking down the block.

1) Keep writing. In this case, word vomit is a good thing! Type your full stream of consciousness and don’t let yourself stop to clean up the language. You’ll be surprised by the content you can produce when you let your mind run freely.

2) Use your colleagues. Take some time to brainstorm with others. Together, you could come up with a fresh idea. Or, just talking about the subject might help put it into writing.

3) Take a break. Take a walk, read an entertaining article, or chat with friends to refresh yourself. Sometimes, it only takes a few minutes away from the project to approach it with a renewed vigor.

Follow these tips, and you’ll smash that writer’s block to pieces!

Carolyn Clendenin