How to keep reporters coming back for more

How to keep reporters coming back for more

The key to getting your foot in the door with reporters is by approaching them with creative, newsworthy ideas that relate to their coverage. But to keep them coming back, here are some tips:

1.      Be prompt.

This is one of the best ways to build relationships with reporters. A short, informal note offering expert commentary on breaking news often performs better than a thought-out story idea, simply because you wrote to the right person at the right time. Of course, it’s just as important to deliver what the reporter needs in a timely manner.

2.      Keep them in the loop.

You can’t go overboard communicating with reporters as long as you’re telling them something new. If a producer needs to talk to your spokesperson by 2 p.m., let them know immediately that you’re working on it and then follow up when you can set up the interview. If you wait until your client is all set to get back to the reporter, they may have moved on to another source — especially if they’re on a tight deadline. Keeping reporters updated builds trust, so they’ll start to see you as a partner they can count on.

3.      Say thank you.

Once you secure an exciting hit for your client, it’s easy to get caught up in telling them about it. But you shouldn’t forget to follow up with the reporter, even after you have everything you need from them. Sending a quick note to say thank you is the perfect way to open the door to future opportunities — you may offer to reconnect the reporter to your client at another time or brainstorm ideas for a future story.

Lauren Archambeault