PR Tips | Writing Quality Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are a great way to make an appearance in your favorite daily newspaper. The letters-to-the-editor page is among every newspaper's most-read sections. Further, several letters on various topics are published each day. A newspaper's editorial page, by contrast, may feature just one guest op-ed -- or even none, if it opts for popular syndicated content instead. Letters follow some simple rules. Letters should respond to the news -- usually to an article or opinion piece previously published by the newspaper. However, letters must also stand on their own. A reader should be able to understand a letter without having read the article to which it refers. They should always be less than 150 words -- and in the neighborhood of 100 is even better. Some of the most effective letters are short and pithy -- just one or two sentences. And they should always feature a strong thesis, usually in the first or second sentence.

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Advice from the Media | Eric Peters

Name: Eric Peters Title: Vulture of the Western World/Car/Bikes/Politics Columnist Media Outlet: Easy Rider/American Airlines/American Spectator/San Diego Metro/National Motorists Association Personal Blog: www.ericpetersautos.com 1) Describe your typical workday in 140 characters or less. Up early,...