Happy Birthday, Keybridge Communications!

Exactly 10 years ago today, Keybridge Communications was officially formed. I was 29 years old with $17,000 of credit card debt. At the time, the risk of starting a new business from scratch seemed overwhelming. The financial burden alone was daunting. I had no source of...

A Day At King’s Dominion

Every quarter, we take a company retreat. Most recently, we hit the roller coasters at King's Dominion in Virginia. It was a great trip. Here are some photos from the day.

Terroirist Wins Best Overall Wine Blog of 2013

In November 2010, our COO David White launched his own personal wine blog -- Terroirist.com. The following year, Dave's blog won Best New Wine Blog from the prestigious Wine Blog Awards. Then in 2012, Terrorist was a finalist for the Best Overall Wine Blog. This past weekend, on...

Afternoon at Miriam’s Kitchen

Last week, our company spent an afternoon preparing and serving food at Miriam's Kitchen, a charity dedicated to ending chronic homelessness in Washington, DC. It was an eye-opening experience -- and allowed our company to get out of the office and join together in a...

Does Your Organization Have a Professional Voice?

In this age of do-it-yourself podcasts and videos, it seems like everyone is producing their own audio. But the true professionals stand apart. We received this demo from a "commercial voice" today and our ears perked up. This is exactly the type of voice-and-production talent we look for in our audio. If you want your organization to have a professional voice, then hire a pro. It's surprisingly inexpensive. And the quality speaks volumes about your organization. Check out this clip to hear for yourself.

In late June, Keybridge Senior Writer Rob Montz took a vacation. Unlike most employees, however, he didn't go to the beach. Instead, Rob flew to North Korea to eat clams doused in gasoline, drink soju, and work on his upcoming documentary, "Juche Strong." When he's not toiling away at Keybridge, Rob is an up-and-coming filmmaker and a fellow at the Moving Picture Institute. This week, Rob was featured in the Huffington Post. Here is a preview of his documentary, which will debut in theaters this Winter.